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  1. scary. completely crippling. this can ruin empires. I had to uninstall just to get my A key back. Any devs care to try to replicate and figure this out? I was trying to free up the ctrl cmd v key for a photoshop action so I deleted all the global systemwide shortcuts in evernote thinking everything would be fine and if anything went wrong I would just restore the defaults or even google the hotkeys themselves and remap them manually. Little did I know this would create the most devious, perfect little Skynet bug you could ever imagine. This thing turned Evernote into freakin Chucky the Doll. It hijacked my A key to either the paste into evernote function or to the bring up evernote clipper function. (I had the clipper set to not run after quitting and to not show in the menubar, which, youd think would disable it since its now inacessible and invisble) So now every time id press the a key it would make a new note about the contents of my system clipboard. even turning the program off wouldnt stop it from making a new note. I tried looking for the reset to default button for the hotkeys and those ended up not working at all when you click them, so then I tried remapping them by hand and that wouldnt work either. All the while having to remember to avoid using the a key in google to make sure i dont get buried under a cavalcade of clipboard clippings. It was like jaws wearing a michael myers mask, chasing me to the ends of the earth. I eventually just uninstalled and reinstalled. this was quite the morning digitally speaking. look into this. I dont want anyone to have to deal with this. WORK ON YOUR RESTORE DEFAULTS BUTTONS. make it a real button instead of those cute little blippy blips that only pop up when you hover. and look into why this somehow found the permission for my a button. when all fields were blank. i think it has something to do with the clipper unit. and thats the one that doesnt really have a clear user specifiable hotkey selector.
  2. 2 way sync is hard to conceptualize let alone pull off so lets go for the next best thing to prevent sync conflicts from happening too often. Team Evernote, I think if you gave us these two functions (mostly just one) you could prevent a vast amount of lost user productivity and save untold numbers of server hours: Give us an option to disable Autosync while on a cell network, but where is the option to Disable Autosync altogether? Premature and unintended syncs are most likely to definitely the number one cause of sync conflicts on this wonderful service. And you can prevent this with a tiny little switch. What have you got to lose?? AUTO SYNC BUT AS AN OPTION: "cool, I'm gonna turn this off, but I can totally respect why someone would need this", NO OPT-OUT AUTO SYNC: "ruinous, half-baked, and easily fixed". Also a built in diff checker would be kinda cool. Give people all the more reason to love your product and maybe end up monetizing... What've you got to lose???
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