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  1. Thank you all for replying. Dave-in- Decatur - that is exactly what I am seeing. I have tried this, the magic wand appears and I click on it but it does not alter the text, it remains in HTML. I wonder, does this magic wand work with Chrome OS. None of my notes are clipped from the web all wtitten by me, I dont know why they have been converted to HTML ? Any ideas on getting the magic wand to work?
  2. I use Evernote frequently but I am an inexperieced user when it comes to technacalities. My notes are divided into calendar months. I have just opened the entries for MAY, they are now in HTML format, they were not in this format originally as I entered daily notes for the month of May in previous years. How do I change the entire previous MAY content from HTML format back to editable text? Chromebook using ChromeOS
  3. Many thanks for your assistance. Much appreciated. Notes now recovered.
  4. Under my note headed "October" all the content has disappeared just leaving the heading. I did not delete these notes and they are not in "trash" I have two backups, but they both updated in real-time leaving me without my important notes. Any ideas? Can notes be recovered? Thank you
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