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  1. I previously had a business account along with my personal account. When I discontinued my business account I still had two notebooks that were attached to that account. Since then, I have been unable to remove these two notebooks from my account. I use the Remove Notebook feature but nothing happens. Any thoughts on how?
  2. so if I were to just number then, for instance? Is that what you mean? I don't think I understand your example.
  3. I'd like it if when i copy and paste text from another format - word, drive, online, etc - the text is automatically pasted in a default size and font so that it matches the note. Often I can't see the difference until I view on another device, like mobile, and it looks like a kidnapper's note
  4. Highlighting on iOS is pretty rough. If I want to highlight up beyond the current screen view, forget it. I hit the top of the screen and it's like hitting a brick wall. Just stops highlighting. Highlighting downward goes way too fast.
  5. I have a very hard time with the way Evernote does conflicting copies. On the desktop (at least the way it was, not sure if it still is), I remember a conflicting copies notebook. That was where I could review them and choose the most up to date one. When all copies are in the same note, it is extremely difficult to find what to keep, especially on mobile. Once I find the right segment, it is almost impossible to highlight and delete the redundant information. Highlighting upwards doesn't work at all past the current screen and highlighting downwards goes too fast.
  6. I find that the search function is quite inaccurate. It doesn't even do a good job of exact match on note titles. I'd think those would be at the top of a list. I also find that search, at least on mobile, will not search shared notebooks. Have to do those separately.
  7. I wish there were more specific sort options. I'm not great at naming notes and even alphabetizing is rough. I don't often know what the first letter of the title of a note is. I'd like to see a custom order. Drag and drop and it's my priority.
  8. i have my phone set for auto-update. I didn't even know it happened until I opened it. Usually updates are simple bug fixes rather than total overhauls. I find this new layout clunky. Maybe I'm just used to the old one. I also don't like having to scroll through recent notebooks before I get to my notebooks. Makes the list long and redundant.
  9. would love to be able to drag to order notes. I think my order is the best order. not by dates
  10. I would love to be able to sort the notes in a notebook by my preferred order. It is often not convenient for prioritizing notes to have them sorted by dates created or modified. Makes them often hard to find in a notebook.
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