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  1. Ok I reinstalled and now i just see the spinner going i assume it's rebuilding from the internet? Or is there anything else I need to do?
  2. So now I can go ahead and delete using mac app cleaner, reinstall, and it will automatically start to rebuild database?
  3. ok there is one folder that says props and another with a number. Is that all just 2 folders? Ok i exported 4588 notes into an enex file. Is that it?
  4. So this will delete the database? Will I lose all of my files and everything though?
  5. Do you mean delete the app from mac and reinstall evernote? I did that before. Unless you are mentioning another step with database?
  6. I clicked the button but how do you know when it's done rebuilding? There is no notification? I am not premium and don't use twitter. So what other option is there to contact them>
  7. They are wrong because every other program on my mac runs supuer fast. My computer starts in 13 seconds and I have an SSD where programs open in 1 second.
  8. Everything else on computer runs fast. I have a SSD which is super fast. Evernote is slow as can be. Internet speed is super fast. Applications take 1 second to open. Computer starts in 13 seconds rocket time. Application was reinstalled and still same problem.
  9. Yeah, it's like slow, sluggish. And then it sometimes messes up text.
  10. I clicked on it. How do you tell if it's doing it or working? It just had a button that says "got it" after you click the reindex.
  11. It's been a week since I updated but haven't seen any changes in search. But it's also really slow. I tried to contact them directly but there is no option on that page. Is there an email I can use? No twitter.
  12. I haven't upgraded to a new OS at all. Is that recommended? I am on 10.11.6. I have the latest version of evernote and reinstalled it to make sure.
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