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  1. The Chrome problem happened a few days ago as we;;, it was out for a very long time, then we were told to use Firefox - not an option with a Chromebook! Even then, Firefox was not working perfectly Now there are Chrome problems again, and once again, there's no announcement about it and people are upset and frustrated and don't know what to do. Why on earth would Evernote choose to treat their customers this way? If you know something is out, if you are working on something that will cause an outage - even if it's just with one browser (not technically and outage, but it feels that way to users) LET US KNOW!!!!! Tell us how long it will take to fix the problem. I have been with you for 8 years and have paid for the service all of that time - including the recent price increases I depend on Evernote just as much as I depend on my computer. Now it appears that we may have to break up - please don't send me to One Note, I cannot believe a MS product could be better than any other product, but that's why I keep reading in the Evernote to OneNote comparisons.
  2. Oh and by the way, if it hadn't been for the snow, I would have needed to access Evernote on my Chromebook - so the Firefox option - not an option - how about telling us all when the problem will be fixed???? I submitted a ticket 8 HOURS AGO!!!!
  3. How to leave Evernote - https://lifehacker.com/how-to-jump-ship-from-evernote-and-take-your-data-with-1782841075
  4. The cost of Evernote has been going up and now it's as good as gone - any more than one hour of down time is completely unacceptable. Your response to this outage is HORRIBLE. It should be on the blog not buried in forum responses. And your forum should have a section for notices. Problems happen, it's poor communication that is causing poor customer relations and making users angry, you have been around long enough to KNOW BETTER than than to handle problems this way. It's not like this is a startup company.
  5. @benmc How about addressing the problems so many of us are experiencing now - Unable to access via Chrome, incorrect loading via Firefox - (cannot load only notes from selected notebook). And how about posting a note that is immediately accessible to all users that there's a problem, you're working on it and a fix is expected in * hours/days. I am extremely disappointed and frustrated with the company's poor response to this issue.
  6. @rubenb how about getting Evernote to work with Chrome and work properly on Firefox? Clipper is not as important as being able to access my data the way I normal do - and did before the "upgrade" to Google Cloud - there should be a notice here at the site to alert users to the problem and provide a time frame for which it will be fixed.
  7. We need this fixed and fixed quickly too many of us rely on Evernote heavily because the product is expected to work as marketed / as promised. Your upgrade to Google is a disaster, if I'm going to be on the Google cloud, I might as well move to Google Drive for document creation and storage and something else perhaps Pocket for web clipping. Firefox is not working properly, Chrome is not working at all. I'm afraid to open up the desktop version in case it syncs and gets messed up too. Users deserve better than what you've done so far - in terms of service and in terms of announcements about the issue (nothing on Twitter) - and we deserve credit for what is essentially an outage.
  8. So now I'm in Firefox and the notes for the selected notebook are not displaying, all notes are being displayed. BTW - I don't mean to be rude or unkind, but I find the photo you are using here @amanda_h unprofessional, perhaps it seemed humorous to you, but the panic you display in this photo is not really what I want to see from someone providing customer service for a paid subscription service.
  9. My notes and notebooks are also not loading, using Chrome browser as I always have, submitted a ticket, this is a MAJOR inconvenience, no, it's a MAJOR problem. When will it be fixed?
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