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  1. On 26/08/2016 at 8:47 AM, Speedie said:

    Ok thanks for the update, I managed to get it working via the keyboard as Dave suggested.


    On 13/09/2016 at 1:17 AM, Speedie said:

    You can still do speech to text using Dave's suggestion above. For me it meant only 1 additional tap on my Android phone compared to before (to select the speech option from the keyboard).

    it just doesnt work the same way as the amazing Evernote implementation.  Functionality is way reduced and doesnt come close.  A real shame, it was a fabulous feature, just wish I didnt need itnow in my life, but I do. C'est la vie - but hopefully someone up high will notice this and can make the decision to reinstate it.

    i wonderif it was a licensing or cost saving issue... false economy thinking that the google or samsung versions can even come close - surely they tested the alternatives?

  2. When I first tried Evernote 4 or 5 years ago i stumbled across this function, dictated somenotes, then used the AMAZING audio-linked-to-the-text acapability to listen to what i said and correct the text - and I believe that Evernote ALSO learned what I was saying by this!

    BUT - i didn't need it, or Evernote back then - so that was th end of that, a couple of voicenotes, which to this day stay in my free account.

    NOW - I DO need it - Since then I now have a disability, and being able to make voice notes, dictate, speak for an hour... pause to think anytime, not have to use my hands to constantly restart the google voice feature - AND then, Oh my GOODNESS - have the audio version linked to the text, that I can listen back to anytime - (not the whole recording to find my place), but JUST THE WORD OR SENTENCE that didn't auto dictate properly, correct by listening to what i was saying, and teach Evernote my voice - what a godsend that would be for me right now in my life.

    I recently re-started using Evernote, and quickly relaised it wasnt there anymore. Tried the google and samsing implementations - Urggh! - they are only really designed for short commands to the phone  - and then I thought - I bet this is a premium option!

    But no - what a total shame. I would dearly love this option back, there are many of us that REALLY need it - and would HAPPILY pay for the option, whether premium or as an add-on - user pays basis.

    Luckily I did not upgrade first only to find it wasnt there and then have to risk a fight getting a refund.

    For now, without that AMAZINGLY userful functionality, I have to try and find something else that really lets me work with my voice that way, wherever I am, home or out.  Still struggling to find one....

    Why oh why... Please talk to the techs and get this bacK!...please!!!!

    Or - doesanyone know of an alternate that does work this way?  What other options are there?

    Thanks for listening at least,


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