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  1. it just doesnt work the same way as the amazing Evernote implementation. Functionality is way reduced and doesnt come close. A real shame, it was a fabulous feature, just wish I didnt need itnow in my life, but I do. C'est la vie - but hopefully someone up high will notice this and can make the decision to reinstate it. i wonderif it was a licensing or cost saving issue... false economy thinking that the google or samsung versions can even come close - surely they tested the alternatives?
  2. When I first tried Evernote 4 or 5 years ago i stumbled across this function, dictated somenotes, then used the AMAZING audio-linked-to-the-text acapability to listen to what i said and correct the text - and I believe that Evernote ALSO learned what I was saying by this! BUT - i didn't need it, or Evernote back then - so that was th end of that, a couple of voicenotes, which to this day stay in my free account. NOW - I DO need it - Since then I now have a disability, and being able to make voice notes, dictate, speak for an hour... pause to think anytime, not have to use my hands to c
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