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  1. Thanks for response. Is there any way to contact Evernote support other than a ticket?
  2. I am paying $25.00 a year for PREMIUM service. I submitted a help request to Evernote support. I have not received my reply in over a week. Your customer support service sucks. If that is the way you treat a PAYING customer I would hate to see how you respond to normal requests. I can see a delay if I was using the free program, but I paid for service & I expect a little better treatment. My ticket # was 2009689. I was finally able to figure out a solution to my problem, No Thanks to You. If your standard procedure to not answer requests for support it should be stated or at least indicate that it may take an extremely long time to receive help! You have no other way listed to contact your services which seems to me that you are not interested in the users that need help. I am not inclined to try scrolling through endless forum questions with the hope of finding a solution to a problem. I have found that if I can't find an answer in a FAQ file I am just wasting my time. I am pretty computer literate & if I have a question I can usually resolve it on my own.
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