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  1. Thank you very much sir...but after making a few changes in the settings, things have seemed to start working now. Thanks for your help.
  2. Usernames are all correct now. My IPhone is even recognizing when I have done an action (shared a link on facebook), but it's not syncing with Evernote. Evernote is the only thing that this applet is not connecting too. Can anyone help me? Thank you.
  3. Hello...I am praying that someone here can help me. I have been trying to get this resolved for weeks. I basically believe that I need help on how to enter pertinent information into IFTT and what specific link/url that I would use to put into IFTTT from Evernote,and where I would find that link/url, and how to add the link into the settings in IFTTT settings. Here is the issue: I have yet to be able to use any of the applets because I can not get my apples to fully complete the tasks that they are supposed to do. I believe that the problem may lye in what information that I am/am not p
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