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  1. Thanks for the reply; what I was commenting on / suggesting is slightly different than what you are demonstrating. I get that I can navigate into the Notebooks section to create a new notebook (which was not immediately obvious, and I am a long time user...). The specific flow I experienced and was commenting on: 1) I sign into the web client. 2) I am presented the left nav pane with a list of items including notebooks; center had list of notes (for the notebook I am in); right side is the note I last edited. 3) I want to create a new notebook (and add it to a stack). Having to navigate into the Notebooks section to then create a new notebook (and navigate away from where I was) seems like something that I should just be able to do from anywhere I happen to be. Why not have a "new notebook" action right with the "new note" action (the "+") at the top level view of the client?
  2. I started using the web beta client today (Chrome on OSX); the first thing I needed to do was to create a new notebook inside an existing stack. I could not immediately find a way to create a new notebook. Eventually I found that if I went into my Notebooks listing, that contained the "create new notebook" button. Why bury that action? It seems like that should be on the top level actions; the IOS client has a '+' right next to the Notebooks label, which is quite intuitive. Please make this a top level action vs buried action item. Sharing: I was in a notebook and hovered my mouse over the button with 2 people (upper right of the screen, to the left of the "Share" button); it claimed there are 2 people that can access the note and I can click the button to see who has access. I click on the button and am taken to the share popup dialog box. Nothing is listed, but there is the footnote of "others may have access if this note is in a shared notebook". If the note is in a shared notebook, then why not display the information right there? Or, have a link to the share info for the notebook. Telling me the note is accessible by 2 people but then not showing me who has access is frustrating; sending me off to do some exploring takes me away from the task at hand.
  3. With 137 notebooks, the single list view (even with multiple stacks) is not practical for my usage. Why remove the multiple view feature?
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