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  1. Nope, it was the fact that I had the import folder synchronised with Google's Backup and Sync. Apparently that changes the files enough to have Evernote see it as a changed file and reimport. All is working now. The one level of subfolder thing relates to the fact that Evernote only imports the folder - whether it itself is a subfolder or not - I set the rule for plus one subfolder layer below that folder. It does that. So... how do I close this thread?
  2. It's funny, I am receiving the notification for you replying twice Coincidence, I guess. I excluded the folder from Drive File Stream, and it works now! Thanks for the help.
  3. Wait... can it be that my using Drive File Stream is the culprit? That when I place a file in the folder, it gets imported, DFS adds it to the cloud, sets a flag in the file, and Evernote sees it as changed and adds it again?
  4. Thanks for your reply, gazumped! Setting it up as separate top level folders works. When an import folder is a subfolder, it does the double import thingy. I have the subfolders set up as separate import folders, but that does not work. Of course, I can let go of the subfolder thing, it is just quite inconvenient. I use this for the admin docs for my family. Admin is the top folder, with subfolders for each family member. Keeps all admin docs nicely together. Using separate top level folders makes it far more hassle. And, like I said, it used to work like a charm.
  5. Hi all, I have a folder with 4 subfolders set up for automated importing files on my second drive (D). Since these 4 subfolders also have subfolders, I created four rules to get these folders including their subfolders imported correctly. This always worked. Since some time now, don't know how long, I noticed that every file I add to the import folders (the subfolders, not the main one,since there is no urle for that one) get imported and one or two seconds later the file gets imported again. So each file shows up twice in my inbox. I deleted the rules and created them agai
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