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  1. Sure you could just use a tag, but that's not what I want to do here. I like to be digitally clean and organized. Tags are great when pulling key words from a bunch of stacks but not for what I want to do. Most of everyone I know that uses Evernote agree they want 1 more layer. Alot of us like the old school way of filing. This is simply what we would like see happen. Not to mention it shouldn't be that hard to implement.
  2. Currently We can do the following only. binder notebook note I would like to do the following Binder Folder "NEW" Notebook Note There has been to many times where I need 1 more layer of organization. here is a good example. I use evernote for home and work. HOME House Kids Things to do ETC Work (binder) Client name (Folder) client site (Notebook) notes Overall I would like to go
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