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  1. note SOMETIMES there are they have th " < >" controls in the upper right corner (that allow me to move back and forth between the two notes . . . and sometimes they are not there so I can not move back and forth between them. I cannot figure out why this works consistently and sometimes it doesn't. What is going on here? I thought this was a "screen size" problem, but it is not
  2. I have a hefty Notebook - must about 3,000 items. Because SEARCH is invoked after 4 or so characters are entered in the search field.... the system chokes with repeated searches with each subsequent key stroke as I'm entering the search argument. In short, for any search I''m forced to enter the search argument outside of Evernote and then "cut and paste it" into the search field as a "workaround." How difficult would it be to have a set-able option that would hold the invocation of search until the <ENTER> key is pressed. Seems easy to do and it would significantly help using search for people who have larger notebooks to search.
  3. I am having a problem sharing a Notebook. As author of notebook PARKINSONS, I've been able to share the notebook for some time with a number of users. However now I cannot share the notebook. I notice that one user is "greyed out". Ever since I added him it appears that I cannot add additional users. My hunch is that the record for this particular user is corrupted and thus I can make updates to the shared user file. How do I recreate this file, as I cannot delete this particular record (though I have been able to delete other records?
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