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  1. I'd love to colour code the actual Notebooks and Notes differently (not just the text in them - which I do use) For someone visually minded, it's great to have a second tier of visually organising and archiving content. As it is, Evernote is not oversee-able enough, once you've generated loads of content. It needs to be visually instantly logical, from a wider perspective. DTLow - yes, you get it. gazumped - that's great about the sourcing, thanks for sharing, didn't know that! Let's have coloured Notebooks and Notes please!
  2. Because it's not an intuitive process nor a one click process. It needs to be one click. And I don't expect Evernote to "know" that I want to edit the note. Of course not. But I do expect it to recognise that it's already been clipped (by me simply clicking on the Firefox button again whilst on that page) - which would be a super quick and super intuitive one-click way to go back into it and edit it It needs to be easy. Quick easy and intuitive. Right now it isn't. There is a lot of room for making it more intuitive and simple.
  3. Hello, Wouldn't it be great if you could view your notes by the TYPE of clipping they are? Bookmark / Article / etc etc Please can we have more VISUAL WAYS to categorise our notes, too, not just tagging. Surely I am not the only visually organised person here. What else is possible?! Thanks! Petek
  4. Hello, Wouldn't it be great if Evernote could recognise bookmarks and clippings you've already tagged and made notes on?! Also via the Firefox addon button - let's say I'm on a webpage and I've added it as a bookmark to Evernote - but I've forgotten to add a few extra notes after viewing the rest of the webpage. Now, if I click the Firefox button again, it won't recognise that I've already clipped/tagged it and I can't see what I just entered, and can't make any quick amendments to it. So so frustrating... When I click the add-on again, I'd like to be able to make a few more additional notes real quickly, instead of having to go into Evernote and find the note, to make additional notes on that clipping. What else is possible..?! Thanks!
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