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  1. On 19/09/2016 at 8:56 AM, frogwell said:

    Why change how the in-page bookmark hyperlink behave?

    <a href="#some-anchor">Text</a>

    It used to work as expected (clicking on the link jumps/scrolls to the labeled part of the note) and I have used it to implement in-note Table of Content and such. At that time clipping webpages with similarly structured TOC also worked well. But this is gone for some reason in 6.9 (still worked at 6.8) and I wonder why? Considering how universal this kind of bookmark/anchor is in the general world of HTML/XML, it's surprising to see it taken out suddenly.


    Edited: Instead of opening the marked "#some-anchor", a link like this is opened instead:


    Why this?

    @frogwell & @DTLow I'm not sure if we're asking the same thing, but please see my question here about clipping webpages with in-page hyperlinks i.e. Wikipedia articles: 



  2. I'm hoping this is the right forum for my question - I've just realised that when I clip a webpage like Wikipedia that has internal hyperlinks (i.e. for footnotes), when I click on these links in the EN note, instead of moving to the relevant place in the note (the reference at the bottom of the page, which *is* clipped as part of the whole website), it takes me back to the browser and reloads the webpage. I understand that in this case the hyperlink is set to a Wikipedia URL, but would it not be a fairly simple add-on feature that links get altered in clipping so that they refer internally to the note? Or would this be too big a task?

    Appreciate your advice. I'm running EN Version 6.11 Beta 2 on Mac OS Sierra, clipping from Chrome using the Clipper plugin.

  3. I had this problem too, running Evernote 6.10 on Sierra. As noted by BSR, the new update has fixed the issue from what I can see (download link below).

    In the process of researching this I also discovered a nifty shortcut: in any program, you can copy (Cmd-C) and then paste directly into a New Note in Evernote, without having to switch to it (or even open it - it opens automatically! though this may be because I have the Evernote Helper open in the background, not sure) by pressing CMD-CTRL-V.



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