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  1. Ok, if they are different, then why does it matter that I have the same tag in a different notebook? In any case, the tag should be only unique per notebook, not across the entire evernote database. For example, when I tag a specific notebook, it should only pull from the tags available for that particular notebook, and should not care about the tags in my other notebooks. If someone else shared a notebook with me, when I tag in that notebook, it should only look up the tags available for that notebook, regardless if I have a million other tags in my own notebooks, as those don't matte
  2. So you are saying the "Processed" tag in my notebook is conflicting with the "Processed" tag in someone else's notebook?
  3. As long as the tag is unique in one notebook why should it care if I have the same tag in other notebooks?
  4. I understand the problem. However I don't feel this is a problem that should exist. I am a software developer and I can see how this problem exists, however I see it as a design flaw.
  5. Let me restate the problem. We are a company of 40 people. We each have our own set of notebooks. Each of us need to have a "Processed" tag as a corporate standardization. We cannot have separate names for our own "Processed" tags.
  6. But everyone's notebooks has Processed tag. It's not just my problem, it's everyone's problem. We are in the same company working together.
  7. That isn't really workable as I have 30 different notebooks owned by different people and we want to use the same tags for standardization. This is a bug in Evernote, not by design.
  8. Sorry, I don't think you understand my question properly. Both Processed and Process tags are in the notebook that is shared with me. The only difference is that I ALSO have Processed tag in my notebooks but not Process tag. I believe this is a bug in Evernote where if you use a tag in your own notebook, and then someone else who shares their notebook with you has the same tag name, you cannot tag any notes with that tag name because it gets confused as if you are trying to use your own tag, even though that same tag name exists in their notebook.
  9. I have found an issue with tagging with shared notebooks. 1) I have multiple notebooks. Some are owned by me, some are owned by others. I want to use the same tag for all of my notebooks. 2) I have tag called "Processed" in all my notebooks. 3) The owner of the other notebooks has added the tag that I want "Processed" to his notebooks. 4) I cannot add "Processed" tag to any of the notes inside his notebooks. 5) I asked him to add "Process" tag to his notebook, which I do not have in my notebooks. 6) I am able to add "Process" tag to any of the notes in his not
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