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  1. I'm sure my early feedback contributed to some of the confusion. I made two errors: Not realizing that there were two beta options (or more) and also not realizing that since y'all were talking about a beta feature in the video that this feature was now beyond the NDA stage. FWIW, I love that you've left the option to be pro checklists AND pro checkboxes. That is one of the signs that you are listening and respectful that we all use this software differently. As a software developer who has been in the industry for many years, I appreciate the value of beta testing. As a user, I'm gr
  2. I suggest you request access to the beta program again, or find your original invitation and click the link again, maybe? Makes me think it got turned off in your browser somehow. Ask the beta coordinator to help you get back in. SO worth it.
  3. What does it say in your lower right hand corner? There is also a tiny little arrow on that...do you have it?
  4. BTW -- the new beta is definitely worth the effort to get. I'm very happy with it. I'd initially wanted in on the beta, then backed out when I realized it was chrome only. After I saw the markup options for headings/paragraphs (a BIG feature for me), I switched back and have been using it extensively. It is definitely going the right way. Makes me so happy for Evernote's future.
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