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  1. No Evernote appears on the extensions in System Prefs (if you go to 'more'), but does not show for me in the contextual menu from Apple Maps no matter where I drag it. It does appear under iOS, but only sends a link back to Apple Maps. If I add to my apple contacts, all the info like telephone, address, etc gets stored properly, but I can't seem to import a vCard info into Evernote either.
  2. Hello, I run a business that involves *lots* of mobile in-person sales (we're a distillery, we sell booze to lots of restaurants and liquor stores). I've got Evernote set up for a bare-bones CRM so I can tag leads and customers by city and status (sampled, follow ups, blah, blah, blah). What I'm wondering is if there's a decent integration or workflow that anyone has for moving info from Google Maps / Apple Maps / vCards into Evernote notes -- basically so I can quickly clip a bunch of cocktail bars in a given area. The Evernote Web Clipper on Google Maps mysteriously leaves out the Phone Number, so it's not that useful. Apple Maps is great for this because you can create a contact from any location, but besides Apple's Contacts app just chunking the literal vCard file into Evernote it doesn't really integrate. The 'share' contextual from Apple Maps also doesn't show Evernote as one of the options. Anyone know a good way to do this? Thanks!
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