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  1. That's cool :-) when you said daily journal do you define that as a note in Evernote or hard copy?
  2. NO only 25 reminders (3500 notes) but....I re order the reminders constantly in the day as my priorities change. Any old reminders app can do it. I certainly expect my premium Evernote (which I have used and paid for years) to do it! Evernote....please fix it quick
  3. Surely this is madness!! I have 3500 notes i use the app every 5 mins i constantly re order my reminder list manually (drag and drop) and now I can't do....you removed it! IT has to be one of the most basic functions in an organisational tool. PLEASE, please please can you escalate this to your technical director, developer team, Helpdesk director and CEO as this must be a massive oversight that will cost you 1000s of users very fast please help
  4. Matthew Smith I've just downloaded the new version for iPhone 7. I normally sort my reminders within a list manually dragging them into an order I like. This functionality appears to have been removed. Please help me find it .....I must be missing something....surely it's not been removed?
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