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  1. It's available on the PC, I just saw it. Great! The iOS app on an iPad doesn't have the feature though.
  2. Agree with you. With Evernote being so popular, their backlog must be YUGE and the prioritization is definitely a challenge.
  3. Hope I can contribute something usefull to this topic here. Had exactly the same situation today in a meeting when I imported the business card image into my meeting note. BANG 2448x3264 picture, way too big! Well, I helped myself with a small trick, not using any image resizing with a tool. Here what I did on my Windows PC: Add a table with one cell Size the cell to the width you like Select the image in your note and cut it out (Ctrl+X) Place your coursor into the cell Paste the image back into the cell (Ctrl+V) This way produced an acceptable re
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