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  1. Solution: Remove the application and move on to any alternative. It's been bad for too long, causing infinite amount of frustration to users.
  2. What is the purpose of Evernote? What kind of problem it is trying to solve? I have tried EN a few times but still don't get it. Editor is broken. To be honest, it is the worst editor I have ever seen. Why would anyone want to take notes with such an abysmal editor. Reminder is too light-weight. Even iOS built-in reminder app is better than this one. Can't set repetitive reminder. Weird upload limit. This is the only application that has limit upload quota. Limited capacity is understandable. Limited upload quota !? Not so much. Search is inconsistent. It doesn't sort the results by relevance. The most relevant result should be on the top. All those premium features: Context, WorkChat, Presentation mode are half-baked. Inconsistency of UI between multiple platforms. This is one of the key elements when come to designing a multi-platform application. UI between different platform must be as close as possible to give users familiarity. Users do not need to relearn an application when move from one platform to another. This is very important as it is tightly related to daily productivity. As a collaboration platform, it is no good. As a note-taking application, it sucks. As a digital filing cabinet, it is expensive and unintuitive. Why would anyone want to attach a file inside a file? Attaching a file is to give it context, not to store it inside another file! As a time management tool, it is lackluster. In a nutshell, it is subpar at everything. It just no good at anything. and FULL OF BUGS. How it get 1b valuation is truly beyond me.
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