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  1. The help page still insists that I am not signed in. Nonetheless, the "Submit Ticket" button is available today (yesterday it was always disabled). Thank you for your feedback. Please improve the behavior of the help system.
  2. It is not possible to log in to help.evernote.com to submit a support ticket. I am logged into www.evernote.com, but help.evernote.com shows "Sign In" ... clicking this takes me back to www.evernote.com, where I am already logged in. Clicking on Account -> Help & Learning leads me back to help.evernote.com, where I am not signed in (still shows "Sign In" in the corner), and can therefore not submit a support ticket. By the way, I have Evernote Plus, so I should be allowed to receive email support, but there is no indication how else to do this. Please assist.
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