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  1. I already wrote with an member of the so called "Evernote experts community". After a short conversion about the basics he forwarded my problem to Evernote. I am a little bit shocked about the fact, that it seems, that no one else have had this problem in the past. Normally I would expect, that someone "in the internet" should be able to tell me, if Evernote is able to restore deleted notes.
  2. I hope that you are wrong and Evernote can restore those notes. There were notes which I had since a few years and were really important for me.
  3. I know what a notebook is and what labels are. When I say "notebook" I mean the notes which were in that notebook. Sorry for that.
  4. So does anybody here believe, that Evernote can restore the lost notebook for me, even when I have deleted it by accident?
  5. I have had this notebook since a few weeks. And I only have one Evernote-account for sure.
  6. No. Any content of the lost notebook is not searchable anymore. And the notes are not in any of the other notebooks I have. Probably I delete it by accident (unlikely), but even in that case the problem remains the same.
  7. Hello Evernote-community, see title. I'm using Evernote Web and Evernote for WindowsPhone only. Is there a chance to restore the lost notebook? I would become a premium-user, too if this would help. Thank you very much in advance
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