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  1. Yes but if I have to switch to dedicated software, why would I return to Evernote? Right now, the biggest use I have for Evernote is a sum-up of annotations (Books (all content) → Word (long sum-up) → Evernote (short sum-up). If I have to stick with Word, might as well use OneNote from MS anyway. It has mobile apps too. That's why I requested this feature; if it does make sense. Anyway, I wasn't sure if a similar post was already published.
  2. Hi everyone, So … I restarted using Evernote, mostly the web version, and here's my feedback: we are in 2017 and Evernote is one of the only apps I know that doesn't allow to apply styles or format text with headings and so on. IMO, it doesn't make sense. Even Google Docs allows some styles, or at least, allows to import/paste from word and maintain a few styles. Evernote does not. I kindly request the Evernote team to add this feature to your roadmap. I really want to keep using Evernote but I really need to use something better for my notes. Kind regards, pedr
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