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  1. Hi, I begun with iPad last week and I am very disappointed that the Evernote on it don't show the hierarchic structure of the tags. I have an implementation of E. on my phone HTC Android, which has quite smaller screen and there is the possibility to browse through the tag tree from root to all notes. I send an example of it. It is in German but you can see, that in each node of the tree you can see the whole next level with the tags and notes. Analogous implementation can be done on both iPad and iPhone. Thank you very much and kind regards, Ivan
  2. Yes and that is the next problem. From the prefixing tags are shown only few of them. It is not possible to select tags which are included in other higher tag or to select a higher tag with all tags included in it. In Android version (HTC Phone!) it is possible and in Windows naturally too. See the pictures above. That is one of the main ideas of organizing notes in evernote. I cannot use the evenote in iPad and even if I wanted in addition to buy iPhone, now I am disappointed so that I will continue with Android and Windows, and I think the whole Apple System is nice but costly and obsolete. Sorry
  3. No, that isn't correct. The button exist, but only to add filter to search. It is not possible to see whole tag tree as in other devices. Even the Android version on my HTC phone is much better. You did not persuade me, this version on iPad is unusable,
  4. I also miss the tags button on my evernote in iPad. I'am new in iPad, but I use evernote with Windows and Android phone, on both works evernote perfectly in iPad it is unusable.
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