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  1. After writing last week that I was so frustrated with this recent abrupt and seemingly thoughtless update that I was converting all my EN data to Microsoft One Note I did just that. The actual conversion took very little time. Spent the next several days working to wrap my head around One Note's methodologies and learning how to work with my existing data structure within that system. I must say, I have become very impressed with One Note as a result of this experience. I used to say the reason I was so loyal to Apple was that all their products simply "worked" and worked with elegant form and function. Well, I can't go so far as to say that One Note is completely Applelike in terms of form and function, but it is a very feature filled product that appears to have a whole lot more going for it than Evernote does. I'm moving forward and not looking back. Like I said in my previous post, I was forced into this act by the rule of unintended consequences. I wasn't looking to make a switch but the necessity of doing so was pressed upon me by the absolute absurdity of the complete disembodiment of some of the crucial features that had become essential to using EN prior to this last update.
  2. Well, after trying the newest app update I've given up on Evernote after years of use and I'll be switching to Microsoft OneNote soon. Over the past year I drank the koolaid and changed my entire Evernote data management structure to center around Tags. This is what the Evernote blogs told me to do, this is what all the Evernote expert users advised was the best way to manage with Evernote. So, after weeks and weeks of rearranging all my notes into dozens of logical Tag hierarchies I converted and started working within that system - on my iMac, my iPad and iPhone. Then along comes this iOS update and completely blows the Tag management system out of the water and into the far backwaters of the process. I have no clue what the people at Evernote were thinking when they made this change but they sure have invoked the rule of unintended consequences for me. Because as a consequence of this one seemingly unexplainable decision I am departing their product (for which I pay them an annual fee) and converting to another provider who actually offer a much more robust product platform with many more features. Sorry guys, you blew it for me, big time!
  3. From what I can see from the changes made in this iOS app update to my iPad you have removed Tags from the left hand menu bar. I have searched in vane to find where my Tags have gone other than the aforementioned Account Settings section where I cannot even actually access the data within them. Please tell me you have not removed Tags from the left hand menu selection and there is a way to restore them for selection and access just as before in all previous variants. Tags are a critical way the information in Evernote is managed. If I cannot access Tags from the main screen I am almost dead in the water in terms of the continued usefulness of your product. New Information: Okay, upon further exploration I have discovered you have embedded the Tags menu within the Notes section. Having just learned this it is too early for me to know if this method will be as good as or better than the previous method of managing Tags for my purposes. At first blush, and from the user's perspective, this change in the way Tags are handled seems clunky and backward; but, I will keep an open mind and work with this in the hope whatever logic you employed in designing this change reveals itself to me along the way.
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