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  1. I have just updated my iPhone 6+ to the latest iOS (10.3) and Evernote is working very smooth. It's responsive and has not lagged or farted at all. I can select and delete copy and then instantly carry on writing. It seems to be alive!! How long this will last is unknown, but I'm very hopeful the long battle with this service and app may be over. Do the iOS upgrade, reinstall the latest version of Evernote and give it a test drive. I'm leaning towards the reality that this issue is over!! Fingers crossed!!!
  2. I've had to copy and paste my notes out of Evernote. I have a lot of notes in Dropbox now, that are accessible from all my devices. And I have a backup of those files and notes that is archived with my TimeMachine backup. If I'm going to spend money on a cloud service, it might as well be with Dropbox that also saves my smartphone photos and so much more. I've used Evernote for a long time but it's so frustrating now that I can't stand using it. And Evernote keeps strolling along like there is nothing wrong.
  3. You can try deleting Evernote and reinstalling it. Be sure you sync up your date first, then delete the app, go to your app store and reinstall. This may give you some speed back... but it won't last long. Eventually it get's slower and slower as time goes on until you can't stand looking at the app any longer. Delete it, reinstall and try again. This used to be one of the greatest tools I used for all the organizing and media I needed to keep tabs on, but now its a total frustration and makes my days worse. I can't stand it! Sadly, Evernote has offered no responses or words of
  4. I ended up deleting the Evernote app, downloaded and reinstalled it again and it's working better. It's not as fast as it used to be, but the reinstalled app is better. I have also installed Microsoft's OneNote and it seems to run well. I actually like it because of the sectional tabs. But the desktop version decided to stop syncing. Ironically, Dropbox announced "Dropbox Paper" today, which may have some features geared towards keeping notes synced across devices. Evernote has (or had) a good thing going but I'm thankful I didn't invest in a full paid account. I was about t
  5. I have now had to leave Evernote after using it for several years. It has become so slow, it's of no use to me. It lags and stalls and stops responding for several seconds when editing and hangs far too long while I'm trying to get work done. I have switched to OneNote and it's working like a charm. And it has more usable features that I appreciate I'm sad to go Evernote, but clearly there are issues with your platform.
  6. I have to agree with the brutally slow speed of this latest version of ForeverNote. I'm using a 6S-Plus, and there should be no lag when typing a note, but it's ridiculously slow. If I select a line and delete that text, Evernote stops for at least 5 seconds while I wait for it to regain it's marbles! Brutally slow to the point were I must find something else to replace it. I'm hanging on, waiting for a major update, but if it doesn't come soon, I'll transfer everything to a project management software or use 'Notes' that comes with the iOS. Right now, ForEverNote is my biggest mobile de
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