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  1. I absolutely agree with this post. Having both the header styles and the outline bar on the left is one of the best setup for note taking. I hope Evernote will make it one day.
  2. I don't agree, B I U, font and size belong more to a word processing. A note taking software should retreint itself to a more simple mechanism: styles.
  3. I am missing one very important thing on evernote. This is styles as most text editors offers. The "bold", "italic", "size", "font" are aweful and even Microsoft Word offer a much better solution: styles. Styles allows you to customize text format such as title, subtitles, alignment, code block, quotes... While taking a note I don't need funny formatting. I just want to classify and organize my thoughts efficiently. So please, remove (or at least add an option) and replace the B I U button and Size, Font menus with one single menu with customization styles: titles, subtitiles, paragraph, emphasized text, ... 1. A section 1.1. A subsection A paragraph 1.1. Another subsection Another paragraph From this it would be great to get a table of content for each note. This feature would make evernote perfect.
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