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  1. I absolutely agree with this post. Having both the header styles and the outline bar on the left is one of the best setup for note taking. I hope Evernote will make it one day.
  2. Damned. I thought that was you that got it. Possibility of sabotaging is a bug and bugs should be corrected. That was my point.
  3. Indeed, by deleting the empty line I delete my only chance to arrow down. This often happens by accident and the only workaround involve a cut/paste.
  4. Here are the steps: Click on new note Ctrl + Shift + L (creates a Code Block) Arrow down (my cursor moves to the line below the Code Block Delete (the cursor goes back to the empty Code Block Arrow down (the cursor is still at the end of the Code Block et it is not possible to insert normal text after it).
  5. ok so, try to just delete that empty line. Your cursor will go back to the end of the last char in the Code Block. If you press the down arrow the cursor won't work. It is at least what I notice on my Windows 10 Evernote v6.4.2.3788 (303788)
  6. Nothing of course, because there is no other line below it.
  7. Have inserted at the end of my note, a code block. The furthest my cursor can be is at the end of the word `banks`. If I press enter, i continue in code mode. How can I insert normal text below that code block? I cannot use either my mouse to click, double-click, triple-click below the code block and I also tried ctrl-enter, alt-enter, shift-enter, but nothing works. The only solution I have found so far is to cut the whole code block, insert plenty of new lines then carfully paste the previously cut text way above the last new line character.
  8. I don't agree, B I U, font and size belong more to a word processing. A note taking software should retreint itself to a more simple mechanism: styles.
  9. I am missing one very important thing on evernote. This is styles as most text editors offers. The "bold", "italic", "size", "font" are aweful and even Microsoft Word offer a much better solution: styles. Styles allows you to customize text format such as title, subtitles, alignment, code block, quotes... While taking a note I don't need funny formatting. I just want to classify and organize my thoughts efficiently. So please, remove (or at least add an option) and replace the B I U button and Size, Font menus with one single menu with customization styles: titles, subtitiles, paragraph, emphasized text, ... 1. A section 1.1. A subsection A paragraph 1.1. Another subsection Another paragraph From this it would be great to get a table of content for each note. This feature would make evernote perfect.
  10. I totally agree with this. More and more apps offer a dark mode. Why not evernote? Why not anymore?
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