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  1. Yes, they stripped everything down to go their new web-based interface I guess, and now it just seems like we are waiting for it to get back to the feature set we had. Even Export suffered it seemed like which used to be my favorite thing about Evernote. Exporting the entire database is harder now last time I checked. Unfortunately I agree they will likely not give the "partial string search no matter where it exists in a word string" any effort anytime soon. I have been looking at OneNote more and more with the way things are going, and may look for other options also.
  2. I can deal with more hits by adding more words or a longer string or spaces, but when you get zero results your a little stuck if you don't know the magic prefix.
  3. Partial Word Searches are a needed part of any good search engine. I don't care if they make it a box you have to check everytime beside the search field with a popup warning that it make take a while. IT IS NEEDED! I just got done searching for "2450" to see if I had made any notes of what battery a smartthings multipurpose vibration sensor took. The search returned nothing so I took the time to create a note about it, only later to find I had two other notes with CR2450 in the notes, and had not thought to enter the full string when I did the search. This is the first well known database-like program I have ever used that doesn't have that feature. Not good. Jay Dearmond - Electrical & Software Engineer
  4. I stand corrected, my desk top version automatically shows all the notebooks where the item is found before I even finish typing, and the mobile app for some reason shows only one notebook until I hit the search key (magnifying glass), then all notebooks where the search term was found suddenly appear. This behavior along with this topic content made me jump to an incorrect conclusion. Apologies, the mobile app does indeed search all notebooks AND all content inside notebooks just as the desktop version does as far as I can tell. Regards, Jay
  5. You can't see the "search in note" option unless you open a specific note first which kind of defeats the purpose in my opinion. It astounds me that evernote would argue the usefulness of search functions being able to scan inside notes also. That is fundamental guys ! If I forget where I filed something in my thousands of notes , I want to be able to select "All Notebooks" and search for any term and get a list of the notes that contain that term, just like the desktop version. I just realized the mobile app will not do this. I may begin experimenting with one-note. Regards, Jay
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