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  1. I've already taken that step. Considering switching our company to another program where customer service is in existence. Thank you all in the forum for trying to help - I don't know what other actions I can take to speak to a human being.
  2. Please expedite ticket 1996506 . We need to get this billing issue resolved and have been waiting to hear from someone.
  3. I googled "evernote customer service phone number" and it popped up. I was able to submit a ticket just now - 1996506 please flag it. Thank you.
  4. I called this number 650-257-0885 and left voicemails. Every time I submit a help ticket the screen freezes and doesn't give me a ticket number. How can I get help with my billing issues?
  5. How can I get customer service to respond to me? I have submitted multiple help tickets and left 3 voicemails. It's been over a week and NOTHING!
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