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  1. Both! App store said straight away that I can't download the app cause of the incompatibility (!!) and EN website let me downloaded it and after I initiated installment, got the message of the incompatibility... Wonder why the put us in all that inconvenience, as the should know which version each device of each EV client are... They have all the info!!!
  2. Hello, I just uninstalled the latest compatible evernote version I had on my Mac (El Capitan 10.11.6) because the app, data, and app's speed had become literally an elephant. Then I tried to reinstalled it but, received a notice that my mac is not compatible with evernote's latest version (probably updated version). What should I do?.. (I'm on the evernote plus plan...)
  3. That WORKED perfectly for me as well, after having tried all other measures I read in this and Apple's forums. THANK YOU!!!
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