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  1. I've been shown to this thread as a good place to post my hopes for changes/bug fixes for new Evernote iOS. im a business user and have put my whole team on Evernote, and others in the business are moving that way too. By design. We're also a Dropbox business for files. And a Salesforce user. So we're pretty cloudy and agile, I hope. I say this with a hope of saying why I feel the things I want to say are broken or now missing are useful for a pretty high-target market for Evernote. 1. App is still broken for getting into notes once a search has been carried out. If I search for something I get a list of qualifying notes in the left pane, but you can only open notes that are at the top of the scroll. When you try to open notes below the top one on the page/scroll at any time, it jumps to the topmost item. Every time. This is hugely frustrating as you just can't get into most notes returned on a search. You have to remember which it is, close search, then go find it. That's not productivity. 2. Suggested note subjects by calendar lookup - I want this back because it made life easy and I think it's a white lie to suggest as a Evernote has that this is somehow 'freeing' me from suggestion. however, Evernote people, let me give you a great BUSINESS reason why you should reinstate calendar lookup for note titles: i use this in a business team and everyone's supposed to take notes in all their meetings. I want all those notes to be called the same thing across all accounts, and the easiest way to drive consistent naming is to send a calendar invite to people and then Evernote auto names all notes THE SAME. Simple. Please, please, please bring this functionality back. thank you
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