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  1. I really liked and used Evernote everyday, but with this new update, I'm done. It's frustrating that I have to find a new organizational app now. Two of the worse updates: 1) I can not sort my reminders by "due date". You can only sort by "modified date" and "date created". I like to get up and see what I have today and the time due at the top of my list. I really do not care when I originally made the reminder or the last time I made a change to the reminder. 2) When I wanted to push a reminder out to a later date, say tomorrow, it use to be so easy. I would just slide left hit date icon and scroll to the next day or when ever I wanted to push that reminder out to. When I try this on the new release, when I hit the clock icon, it just turns OFF the reminder. Kind of sucked figuring that out the hard way. Now I have to open up the reminder/note, hit the click icon, pick "change date" and than make the change. Why would you make it harder to do??? Thanks for listening.
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