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  1. I second that the issue seemed to have started when the new iOS upgrade came out a few weeks ago. I just sent in my activity logs from both iOS and Mac so hopefully it gets resolved soon. Here are some problems I've had.


    • When I make highlights on my iPad, they just don't transfer to my Mac. So I re-highlight on my Mac......but then some of those highlights I made on my Mac won't appear on my iPad version.
    • After re-highlighting on my Mac, maybe a few days, maybe hours later, poof, all the highlights I made are gone. I've done the same note multiple times now, and won't be doing it again until there's an update(s) on iOS and Mac because it's just a waste of time. 


  2. I highlight a lot in my notes, and it's so frustrating that I have re-highlighted the same note (3) times already because all my highlights on my macbook pro version of evernote for some reason keep just disappearing. I have to go to my iPad version, screenshot my previous highlights, and then re-highlight on my mac, but I'm done with that now because it keeps happening. This has been going on for weeks. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG ASAP!!!!! 

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