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  1. I am not so sure about this. All the files that are in a note need to be duplicated, synchronized and moved. And for the move only: All those notes also have a reminder set and are in a special position in the remider list. I surely will create a support ticket out of this issue with a reference to this dicussion here. Thanks to you both for your responses.
  2. I used several methods: Drag on Notebook in Quick Access List Click on notebook in the top left of the note -> move to notebook Right-click on the note in the note list -> move to notebook Right-click on the note in reminder list -> move to notebook Our notes contain lots of data. Large image files, ZIP Files and stuff and they usually contain a lot of Text. And on top of that we move them around quite often. Meaning I move the note to a notebook, we discuss about it, and a few minutes later it gets moved to another notebook. We work very dynamic with this. Also when wo do a planning it can happen that the notes get moved around multiple times in a minute. Yes, the workaround with the default notebook is how we currently avoid this problem. But as you can see in my description above I am moving notes quite often. We noticed quite a few possible bugs like if you "heavy use" for example the reminder list. But all of the bugs so far have been things we could handle one or the other way. But this ... good to know it is really a bug and not just us. Good for us that we use only Mac.
  3. Here is our setup (we all use evernote on our MAC): My boss has a business account My account and all the other accounts are just free accounts My boss has created multiple business notebooks and shared them via email (workchat?) with us (highest permission) He, and also we create notes in that notebooks When I want to move a note from one notebook he created to another notebook he created, two things can happen: nothing – literally nothing happens and the note just stays where it is I get the information that some of the selected notes are not part of my notebooks – I agree to move them anyway The note gets moved to the selected notebook The note disappears from that notebook and appears in my default notebook I get a little red bubble on my sync icon If i want to delete a note from a notebook then it disappears but reappears after a short time So we also tried if this whole setup also happens if I invite him to a normal notebook I created. He also cannot move notes between my notebook eventhough I gave him the highest permission. What can we do?
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