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  1. Microsoft provides a Evernote to Onenote converter, it is quite straightforward to use. I did the transfer without a flaw. For sure, onenote and evernote have a completely different philosophy in classifying notes. So, the organization of imported notes are a bit messy. I feel the organization of notes in Onenote a little rigid, but the easy mixing of text and handwriting in notes, and the possibility of annoting any files in Onenote is quite attractive to me.
  2. I have no way to return to previous version than 8, I have consequently decided to switch to Onenote. It's far from being perfect but it does what Evernote does not anymore... I will probably abandoned my Premium subscription but I had the bad idea to pay for a year which finish in June 2017.
  3. In fact, it's three clicks on iPad: "+", "hide keyboard", and "handwriting". It is not a drastic issue but just less efficient than previous version.
  4. I have a premium account on Evernote and I was very satisfied with the product until this update. On iOS (iPad pro) I found the home page too rigid in the presentation, I preferred the previous one where the choices were more complete. More importantly, it is much longer to see the content of the notes I wrote with my pencil when I pressed on left tab and the format showing my hand writing notes (on the right) is just too small. And for the first time with Evernote, I have lost parts of my notes, apparently not saved along my writings. This is quite annoying. Finally, a feature I liked much was the suggested titles for my notes which were mostly based on my calendar, I do not know why this feature was just removed, maybe just give options for it ? As opposed to what it is claimed, I do not find the top page more convenient, when you are taking hand writing notes you need to press several keys before starting to write down your notes. In summary, if i could return to the previous iOS version, I would have to hesitation to downgrade.
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