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  1. When will iOS handwriting be restored to work as well as it did over a year ago? Taking notes with an Apple Pencil is incredibly frustrating now. It was incredibly simple, reliable, and elegant before. Suggesting a third party app for this feels like you guys are giving up on handwritten notes. I’ve been a subscriber for years and I hate the work I’ll need to do to migrate if Evernote has no plans to fix this.
  2. TOTALLY agree. It’s a trigger to take notes with a pencil now. I can’t believe how bad it is and all the features and simplicity they took away. From the page zooming around in size to simply remembering the ink color choice you selected from note to note. It always defaults to black now. I’ve been paying for Evernote for years and have a load of data here. Not looking forward to migrating it or finding a new solution. Their recommendations to integrate with another handwriting app is so incredibly lame. It suggests they’re giving up on it entirely. Who sits in a meeting and types notes in when you can just write them down. it’s so much more intrusive to have a screen flipped up typing away for it others in the meeting, they think you’re not paying attention instead of taking good notes. You’re blowing it, Evernote. I’m disappointed and mad I have to find a new solution.
  3. It doesn't remember pen color and line width, and my ability to take notes in the sketch mode is super flakey. Missing strokes, the pinch zoom makes taking notes with an Apple Pencil incomprehensible. Make the sketch have a 'set' paper size that's clear as it used to be or add a 'Stylus/Handwriting' note taking mode. Pairing it with Pen Ultimate is a non-starter. I'm not going to use two different apps to take and store notes. Any notes i take in Penultimate mean I can only edit them there, the thought of keeping notebook names consistent between two apps is a needless complication, because it used to work fine in Evernote. For years. Years! There have to be loads more people who relied completely on Evernote for their note taking with Apple Pencil. I'm on iPad Pro, Apple Pencil 2.
  4. Pressure sensitive response returned this morning! I chose a different line thickness and there it was! I went back to my original line thickness, and it was pressure sensitive again as well! Not sure why, but maybe i just needed to do that to make things kick in. Glad to have it back, either way!
  5. It's really cool, the quick fix on this, but the pressure sensitive response of the pencil is still not there. Example, you could get a wider highlight stroke with more pressure. Now the highlight stroke (even choosing the thickest option) is a set width and doesn't change with pressure. Same with normal 'pen strokes'. The writing is universally thin no matter the pressure applied, doesn't actually respond as well with the pencil, and can be pretty hard to read. Looks strangely artificial, like writing or sketches on old Palm devices. When actually sketching, this lack of pressure sensitivity is really noticeable. there's no thickness to the start of a line or thinness as a line trails off. Please bring back pressure sensitivity to the Apple Pencil!
  6. Totally agree. I depend on taking handwritten notes on my iPad pro with an apple pencil as we've been able to do it for almost two years. It's really frustrating the way it works now. Hate the idea of having to go to a different note taking app. It was so smooth to take notes, draw a table in my notes from the meeting, easily add in a snap shot from a presentation slide, etc. It's a real clunky mess right now. Looking forward to the fix and glad to see it's recognized as a problem. James
  7. I have the same problem. Old typed notes and new hand written notes mixing together! Nightmare! I have thousands of notes and depend on Evernote as a premium customer! How does this get fixed? I'm not seeing anyone in this thread get help by placing a ticket
  8. I tried this too, running iPad Pro, iOS 10.2.1, I deleted Evernote, closed all apps, restarted my iPad, and reinstalled Evernote I let it fully sync (working / downloading spinner at top left stopped spinning) and then tried it. Initially, pages of notes i'd never loaded on the new install were slow to load (i mostly have handwritten notes, which are all images in evernote and lots of snapshots of whiteboards and projector images too). But as i reloaded notes having loaded them once, they popped back on the screen without the same lag i had before. It matches the zippiness that my iPhone SE was already displaying notes with, and is probably at the speed i'd come to expect images/notes to display in Evernote in Version 7. There are certainly still things that can be improved in this version, but the delete, restart, reinstall improved lag-time performance for me. Give this a try.
  9. Yup, perfect summary of the issues. No problem on my iPhone SE, it's like normal on there. iPad produces all of the above behaviors.
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