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  1. +1 for me to. I do longish journal and other entries and have to continually scroll to keep from typing at the bottom of my screen and having the text pop up one line at a time, even with multiple spaces added at the end. Please fix this!
  2. I'm using Evernote WebClipper Version: on Mac Chrome Version 65.0.3325.181 (Official Build) (64-bit) 1. Issue: Despite being set to "Automatically Close Clipper" in the "After Clip" options, the Clipper follow up dialog appears most of time 2. Suggestion: Non-case sensitive notebook search. When searching for a Notebook in the Clipper dialog, please allow entry to be non-case sensitive, e.g. when searching for the notebook titled "Canoe", I am currently required to capitalize the "C" as in "Canoe". I should be able to just enter "canoe" to locate the notebook.
  3. I've been using Evernote for about three years and regularly experience delayed while typing in a new or existing note. Several letters or words will appear as I type and then nothing even as I continue to type. After a moment or six, it will catch up, sometimes just a few letters sometimes several words appearing at once. I've tried to look for a pattern such as whether there is a consistent amount of time between each delay but it's hard to write coherently and track time at the same time. What it looks like is that it is syncing/saving the note in the background and each time it does there is a delay in displaying the keyboard input. Late 2009 - iMac 27" 2.8Ghz Intel Core i7; 8GB RAM Mac OS 10.11.6 (El Capitan). Evernote 6.13.3
  4. Just another frustrated user needing Find and Replace...
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