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  1. Bring back presentation mode on iOS! I need a way to scroll through my notes on my iPad/iPhone without the chance of getting into edit mode. I use this feature almost daily in speaking and teaching. Not cool to take it away. For three years I never had to speak to Evernote customer service. I have had to speak with them five times in the past two weeks. Crashes, missing functionality, etc. This is the third "feature" I have been told is available works on the mac/windows platforms but not on iOS. You are going to lose your market if you drive everything to only being available on desktops/laptops, and taking things away from mobile users.
  2. I have to echo many of the posts above. I use presentation mode many times every week. It allowed me to bring up my teaching/speaking notes and scroll through without having to worry about accidentally editing something, or getting hungup with the keyboard, following a link, etc. I did not share the image off my iPad... it was just so I could see my notes. You could give me equivalent functionality back by having a feature to lock editing on a note... a view only mode. I also only used presentation in "night" mode as it worked best whether on stage talking (under stage lighting) or in a room with the lights on. I have to say I do think it was irresponsible to take away a feature and not include this information on the update notes that come up in the app store. I would not have updated if I knew presentation mode was not going to be there. For the past three years, I have loved Evernote. This loss of this feature is serious enough to me to start looking for a new platform. I came to Evernote so I would have one place to do everything - research, take notes, create lessons, teach, present, archive. What is the point if I create in Evernote and now have to export to something else so I can present it? I'll have to find someplace to do it all again. Please fix this!
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