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  1. Ditto: What he said. Not cool. This has been going of for a tad long and really frustrating. How do I go back to earlier version? I upgraded on my office laptop and living with this problem there....driving me crazy. Still have version that works on another laptop and reminds me what it can be like when highlighting works. How hard can it be to fix this??!? Any update?
  2. Agree that this one should be fixed pronto. I upgraded recently and having the same issue on a mac described here. Work around: Enter Search term, then for each note listed I click in search box and hit enter. Note by note the highlights come back while staying on that note (i.e. aren't "remembered"). Not great, but at least I can find what I'm looking for. (I couldn't get cmd-E to work, per above.) Using Mac OS 10.11.6
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