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  1. This is one of those minor features that makes a huge difference when it comes to the speed you can edit notes. Using Evernote as a todo list, personal "bullet journal", etc. involves a lot of reordering! Please consider adding more serious text editor features such as this. These type of features are what I sorely miss after coming to Evernote from a system involving a bunch of text files organized by folders.
  2. Hi, I'm using the newest version of Evernote for Mac and have been experiencing this issue since an unknown update a couple months ago. The gist of the issue is that when I start on a blank line and try to blank select lines above/below using Shift + Up/Down , nothing happens. This really breaks my workflow as almost every other text editor supports this functionality, including this text box I'm typing in now! Steps to Reproduce: Open/Create a text note that contains multiple blank lines in a row (no spaces, just newline characters) Move your keyboard cursor (typ
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