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  1. Largely because of the features that Evernote provides around tagging and syncing. Evernote does both these features seamlessly across multiple devices - which is why I switched from a plain text setup in the first place. If you have a recommendation for syncing plain text notes with tagging, etc - I'd gladly consider switching to it!
  2. This is one of those minor features that makes a huge difference when it comes to the speed you can edit notes. Using Evernote as a todo list, personal "bullet journal", etc. involves a lot of reordering! Please consider adding more serious text editor features such as this. These type of features are what I sorely miss after coming to Evernote from a system involving a bunch of text files organized by folders.
  3. Hi! I come from a background where I would store all my personal notes in a text documents organized using directories. I used my favorite text editor at the time to edit the notes. One feature that is noticeably missing is the ability to define what a "tab" does in Evernote. I really want my tabs to be 2 spaces (i.e. 2 spaces for indentation), though I know some people like 4 spaces, 5 spaces, or even a hard tab character. I would love to be able to define this in a global setting, so that when making notes on the mac I can simply press tab or space twice to do indentation in my notes. An added benefit (for my use case) is that on mobile, indenting will be easier - two spaces instead of the regular 4. It will also get the Evernote text editor closer to the fully-featured text editors that many programmers are used to. Thank you!
  4. Hi, I'm using the newest version of Evernote for Mac and have been experiencing this issue since an unknown update a couple months ago. The gist of the issue is that when I start on a blank line and try to blank select lines above/below using Shift + Up/Down , nothing happens. This really breaks my workflow as almost every other text editor supports this functionality, including this text box I'm typing in now! Steps to Reproduce: Open/Create a text note that contains multiple blank lines in a row (no spaces, just newline characters) Move your keyboard cursor (typing prompt? Blinker?) to a line with a blank line above and below. Hold shift, and press up (or down) to try to select a line in that direction Expected Result: The newline character between the starting line and the next line is selected, allowing you to continue selecting more lines in this fashion Actual Result: Nothing is selected, and your typing prompt has not moved. You are unable to select other lines from this state using the keyboard. Also related seems to be a similar issue, except where you start on a blank line and try to select a text-filled line below using the shift + down method. This is one of those small bugs that really irk me as someone who spends most my day typing. I have reproduced this bug on multiple laptops (work and home). Thanks, -Matthew
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