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  1. HI - with this release the search does not work anymore. I keep getting error ‚no note found‘. Please help.
  2. Nice version on the outset but some major issues when looking at it closely: 1) When I want to attach a file from a cloud service like Dropbox or iCloud it now puts it at the end of the note and not like it used to at the place of the cursor. 2) Reminder List cant be sorted properly anymore like before. The choice there has been removed 3) I had a couple of notes that got corrupted when working on unstable or slow internet and had to restore them to the previous version. 4) There is a lot of white space that could be used to display the notes on the ipad on both the left and the right side. 5) Search does not always work. When I click on the note found on the left the content on the right switches to another note.
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