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  1. Thank you for the input. I agree that this a workable solution to some degree. I'm on a Mac and will try Keyboard Maestro to see how it works -- at least on my desktop. Another potential program that comes to mind is Text Expander, but I do not currently use it. The first issue that comes to mind with the approach is the integration of my keyword sets between different devices. I regularly use a Mac Pro, an iPhone & an iPad and use Evernote heavily on each device. In this case the text expanding solution becomes more difficult to manage. Perhaps there is an expanding solution that could sync between the three devices that would enable my goal ... perhaps Text Expander but I will need to research. Ultimately the cleanest solution is to have it baked into Evernote so a piecemeal approach is not needed, especially for cross device use ...
  2. Opinion: Web Clipper Needs Ability to Define "Keyword / Tag SETS" - similar to Adobe Lightroom CC. I find that I consistently enter a combination of Keywords / Tags for certain types of articles / media that I added to Evernote via the Safari Web Clipper. I then recalled that I can in Adobe Lightroom CC create "Keyword Sets" that aggregate multiple tags / keywords so that I do not need to apply them with separate keystrokes / clicks. Its a Huge Timesaver, and for me could be a big time saver with the Evernote Web Clipper. One would name a Keyword Set & populate it with multiple tags from Evernote ... then with a single shortcut or click apply all of those keywords to a given clip. I could have multiple Keyword Sets for a variety of "typical" articles that I clip. One could argue that I could create a single keyword that aggregates all of my desired thoughts into a single keyword. But them I am left with a more difficult task when I want to dissect my data later by keywords. For me keywording / tagging is a Big Deal, and important to my workflow. So please take a look a Lightroom CC and their keywording approach. There may be an even more effective approach, but I am not familiar with it (perhaps even within the current Evernote ... pls inform me if that is so). I do know that the current Web Clipper is insufficient for what I use it for. Finally, I realize Smart Filing is available, and I do have it turned on, but it turns out that it is Not that Smart. It does not aggregate my desired tags in the way I expect. About half the times it puts in the wrong tag, and then I have to remove it, then Add what I'm looking for ... so it can be actually counterproductive. Would be interested if others would find Keyword Sets useful, especially in the (Safari) Web Clipper.
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