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  1. Hi John, danke für deine Worte - Office 365 hatte ich bereits und die Umstellung auf OneNote ist de facto erledigt. Mit Microsoft hab ich Großteils wirklich gute Erfahrungen gemacht - und perfekt muss ja eh niemand sein ;-) Mir hat damals Evernote besser gefallen, vom Aufbau, von der Synchronisation (und wie schon erwähnt auch auf allen 3 Geräten lauffähig) - und warum soll man für etwas Gutes nicht auch mal Geld ausgeben? Manchmal werden Apps ja "verschlimmbessert", wovon hier ja keine Rede sein kann. Evernote hat ja aus meiner Sicht 2 von 3 Produkten eingestellt (und dass das "kannst ja die Windows Phone-Version eh weiter verwenden" lediglich ein Schönreden ist, ist eh klar) und macht, genau so wie bei der Touch-Unterstützung auf totschweigen. Glücklicherweise bin ich nur mit meiner Frau verheiratet und nicht mit Evernote :-D Den Webclipper hab ich noch nicht probiert, steht aber bereits auf meiner to do-Liste. Danke nochmals für dein Posting & sorry fürs Abgleiten ins Off Topic :-)
  2. It does not make any sense to buy a new hardware with a different operating system just for 1 app.
  3. That sounds fine, but in real life it´s not important for me, if Evernote is available on all other major platforms. There are reasons why I am working 100% on Windows platforms and it would be an enormous effort to change an operating system. Finally I have choosed and paid Evernote for all Windows operating systems. Regarding "reach out to Evernote Support" - Evernote will do the same as they did regarding the touch interface: Nothing. Maybe Microsoft offers less features then Evernote, but it runs fine on my Windows Phone.
  4. As the app will be removed from the store, it´s just a question of time until you can not longer use it. I made a decision for Evernote when working on all my 3 Windows devices. Now it´s just 1, where you can really use it. Again, sad that the payment for the next year was done by last month.
  5. It´s a while back, of course - but this does not make anything better? With the touch interface it was great to work on the tablet, now it´s nearly impossible to use it without keyboard/mouse. What is "the best experience"? And how should I "focus on the PC", when I´m on field service? Of course, I can use a piece of paper and a pencil, can´t I? I do not need all features from the desktop version on my mobile phone or tablet. I just need a system working on all devices, even with different or less features.
  6. This should be not the right place to discuss about Windows vs Mac. Customers have reasons, why they use Windows Phone. The point is, that i paid for a solution, that worked on all 3 devices. Finally it works on only 1 device properly (yes, it runs on the tablet, but it´s more or less not to handle if you can only use the touch interface.
  7. I was just shocked when I read this. I followed some discussions for a while and got the final result: You really don´t like Windows Users. The main reasons, why I decided to use Evernote, were: 1/ Nice user interface on the PC 2/ Really useful user interface on my tablet (touch) 3/ Works fine on my mobile phone In the past you decided to end any useful touch interface (touch support does not exist since a longer time), now you decided to end Evernote on Windows Phone. And I´m sure you know, that it´s not useful, when you write "If you currently use Evernote on these platforms, you may continue to do so.", because you definitly know, that sometimes people get a new phone or need to reinstall or something. And of course you know, life cycles of phones are really short. Wouldn´t it be fair to say the truth instead of such phrases? Well, 66,67% of the main reasons are gone now because Evernote decided to end. Sad, that I already paid until May 2018. On the other side, enough time to move all data to another system. By the way, 3 months of Evernote Premium without charging is not a "consolation", it´s a slap in the face of a paying customer. Finally, I know, I am just an Evernote Plus User and it´s not a big thing for you, that I will cancel my account according to the conditions. As I wrote above, it´s just sad how you handle Windows Users.
  8. Good morning, the Title says it - the curser moves during normal writing from the text field to the title field. That´s just crazy and does not allow reasonable work with Evernote. Regards, Herbert Windows 10, all updates Evernote (304720)
  9. I use Evernote on 3 Windows 10 devices (PC, mobile phone and Surface). The lost touch functionality (Surface) is terrible - it is not possible to scroll on the "left panel", as the scroll bar is too thin. Same on the "note panel". I really wonder - in a time where more and more people should work mobile, etc. - that this is still reality. As I did not find an official statement - maybe a member of the team can solve this point? Is it planned to bring back the touch functionality and when?
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