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  1. Yet another smart move by EN. I mean, after all, nobody should use any words that are not in the (which?) dictionary. And nobody uses more than one language. Who could've seen this coming?!? </sarcasm>
  2. Same issue with twitter here. Super annoying, but c'mon it's only been Two. Years. And I mean, who would ever wanna do this, this is really an edge case, saving a piece of info from the biggest information stream in the world to the most popular knowledge management app. Who might possibly wanna do this?! </sarcasm>
  3. Same thing here. Since a few days, nothing works anymore in Brave. (working ok on Chrome though, for me)
  4. ***** hell, this is ridiculous! It's stuff like this that keeps reminding me that people like Richard Stallman do have a point: Giving anyone else control over your technology just creates a lot of pain downstream. Did I expect that, when I chose Evernote 3 years ago, a bug would prevent me from writing anything as simple as "D:"? No, you don't expect these things. You can't.
  5. Same here. But c'mon, it's been just 11 months, how would Evernote respond to anything that quickly? -.-
  6. Ugh, this is so frustrating. Just noticed after 1 year of using EN with over 1000 notes that this is not possible. I just assumed it would be. Stupid me huh? And no, being "optimized" (whatever that means) for speed is not a good argument. As others have mentioned, it's fine if I have to wait a couple of moments if I do a demanding query, but it's not fine if EN cannot do what a text editor or a simple python script could do, and what I have come to just expect from computers. Now I feel like my data ist locked in. Also, it could be an option to have this 1) only on desktop and/or web and 2) only for the text content or even only for titles (I just hit it when trying to do an "intitle:" query). That should be fast enough!
  7. Yeah, I just hit this (on Win 10). This is super annoying when clipping web pages: In my browser it looks just fine, then I clip it and the article has become basically useless. This is an omission that severely impairs EN's otherwise great web clipping functionality. I'm sure the only reason not more people vote on this is that the average user doesn't care about the difference between vector and pixel graphics, and that's entirely normal. They only see that "the EN web clipper doesn't work for some web pages. Apparently it's not as good as I heard."
  8. FTR, I just found this thread googling because I saw the exact same behavior d0_do described, with Drawboard vs PDF XChange. No big deal for me right now, I'm just using XChange, but really confusing until I noticed it + could've easily lost a lot of annotations.
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