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  1. Thanks DTLow for the post. I must have been making a typing error along the way in my quoted stack name. I was able to build the search for all notes within a stack, save it, and create a shortcut. I synced my iPhone 5 times without successfully bringing over the new shortcut, but closed the iOS App and restarted and it came right up.
  2. In my previous iOS version, I frequently used the "view all notes in stack" in the notebook list to 'overview' all notes in a stack. It is very useful for me to organize related notebooks in a stack and then get an overview of all content in the stack. That seems to have been removed from the new version. Since it was a link of the notebooks list in the prior version, I am assuming there is syntax that would let me build a saved search (i.e. stack:project x) for stacks that I use this feature on regularly. But, I can't find it. Any help appreciated before I start dismantling my stacks/notebooks structure. It still works this way on the desktop Mac version, but not iOS. Also, submitted to tech support and they confirmed functionality is missing.
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