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  1. Hi Evernote, I love the new redesign, but am wondering if the scroll bar in the latest Mac app should be dark like the background. Seems like a visual bug being white. Please dismiss this as a subjective design opinion if it was intended. Thanks!
  2. Thanks jim.g, I had tried that but must have been grabbing it in the wrong spot. Seems you have to grab it just above the auto suggest bar. Thanks for the tip! DTLow, thanks for the help, I forgot to mention that this was on the iPhone, but we're all good now.
  3. It seems that the ability to dismiss the keyboard while in a note has been removed on the new update. I'd like to advocate for its return. After adding content to a note I often like to breeze through it and this is cleaner and easier if the keyboard is out of the way. Now I'm finding that I have to back out of the note and re-enter in order to get rid of the keyboard after typing.
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