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  1. What have you done... I had a nice organised, easy to find things app, now suddenly it is so 'streamlined' I have difficulty finding anything and the 'intro' completely left out how to navigate to the notebooks list. Eventually I found it by randomly stabbing at everything. It was also unclear how to get a full page note as opposed to the cramped column and there was no clear or easily found guide to the 'toolbar'. Also, I prefer being able to pick up where-ever I left off, not be thrown back to a notes list. There seems no option for setting this. An option to set something like 'last version mode of display' would be really nice. You really should include a proper detailed guide to all the new layout features for us users. You have worked on the new layout and it seems 'intuitive'. It isn't when it hits yu unexpectedly when you just want to look something up or make a quick note. Also I could not even skip the bits of the intro I did not want to use - it just stopped if I tried, leaving me unenlightened. Fortunately I was backed up in iTunes and was able to revert to the previous version by delete and sync. Now I shall have to remember not to update it. Yours, grumpy old user.
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