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  1. I just rediscovered the "snippet preview" suggestion, which I made more than two years ago. Perhaps it has been introduced in the meantime? Thank you. Herbert Eppel www.HETranslations.uk
  2. The Evernote app offers several useful View options. e.g. Card View, which don't appear to be available in the Evernote web interface. It would be helpful to have these options, in particular Card View, available in the web interface, too. Herbert Eppel www.HETranslations.uk
  3. I tried Evernote a couple of years ago but couldn't quite get the hang of it. I recently tried it again and was so impressed that I upgraded to Premium just now. One thing that appears to be missing is the kind of web page "snippet preview" one gets in apps such as WhatsApp and FaceBook when one pastes a web link, if you see what I mean? See attached example screenshot.
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