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  1. Hello there! Anyone know if Evernote supports bullet journal functionality? To the fellow Bullet Journal enthusiasts who have retrofitted Evernote, it's not exactly the easiest integration. Don't get me wrong, I'm an avid Evernote user, but I wish the app supported more functionality. Functionality Wish List Status Icons that have click states. (Like checked boxes, but task icons that resemble the bullet journal's "open task," "started task," "closed task," etc...) Priority Status. (A means of prioritizing some tasks over others.) More Table Options. (for my monthly table, I'm really wanting a 31 row capability, but the app only goes to 30! Is this bumming anyone else out? Also Some Irk-Some Bugs Limited glyph/icon palettes (I had to add the custom font, fontawesome, to get a better palette. Bullets and numbers don't change to the color you assign the text. They remain black. When you copy and paste a line of text in the style you like (let's say it's green and size 12), it often changes to the default settings (black and size 14) This is all I have for now, but ideas nonetheless. Attached is my Legend Template I created for my Bullet Journaling needs. It's a work in progress as I figure out the best system that Evernote supports.
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